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The research challenges in nursing practice 17,85zł

Redakcja naukowa: Małgorzata Marć, Natalia Shygonska

ISBN: 978-83-7996-381-2

Rok wydania: 2017

Liczba stron: 166

Format: B5

Oprawa: broszurowa

Cena: 17,85 zł (z VAT)






Volodymyr Svyrydiuk

Prospective approaches to forming of communicative competence of students of master’s degree in nursing

Olga Goraj

The main principles of nurses’ training to the sanitary-hygienic education with the pupils in Ukraine and Poland

Svetlana Gordijchuk

The principles and methodology of the credit-modular system implementation into the nurses’ training process in Ukraine

Pavlo Jaworskyi

Application of spiral computed tomography at different degrees and types of obesity in women with leiomyoma of uterus

Zdzisława Chmiel, Elżbieta Latacz

Nursing care in theory and practice based on a selected case

Iryna Makhnovska

Scientific and theoretical approaches and principles of constructing the model of professional training in nursing in Ukraine

Olena Sviridyuk

Forming health saving competence and spiritual values of medical sisters by the information technologies

Alla Olinichenko

Gastro-esophageal reflux disease and metabolic syndrome

Antonina Krapivina

Recent death rate tendencies of Ukrainian population in gender aspect

Victor Shatylo

Problems and challenges of nursing development in Ukraine

Victor Shatylo

The experience of nursing development as a scientific speciality and its implementation prospects in Ukraine

Natalia Shygonska

Tolerance’ role and significance in nurses’ managerial activity and professional interaction

Alla Olinichenko

Role of medical sisters in prophylaxis of gastroesophageal reflux disease combined with metabolic syndrome

Ewa Smoleń, Justyna Naleśnik

Professional plans of nursing students in Jan Grodek High Vocational School of Sanok

Dorota Czyż, Małgorzata Marć

Documentation of nurturing a child with diabetes treated with insulin pump on the basis of on the classification ICNP ®

Dawid Makowicz, Mateusz Świszcz, Natalia Śliwa

Involvement in honourable blood donation among nurses and students

Małgorzata Marć, Jan Rutowski, Józef Ryżko

Selected issues in pediatric pharmacotherapy and their background


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